Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Update: Massive PR


On my Massive PR post from yesterday:

It seems that the esteemed Jeff Jarvis may have been a little weirded out by my mention of his blog post on captioning and metadata as a form of PR for a client of mine. Sorry, Jeff!

To further clarify what I meant in my post:

The interchange exemplified a main tenet of PR. By providing someone in a position of influence and newsbearing with something of interest to them, he got a nice mention in a blog with a pretty decent circulation, something like 8,500 hits a day. A link to his website was provided, and a good bit of constructive dialogue ensued. At this point, several thousand people are now aware of what "vlogging" is capable of, and how closed-captioning may soon allow you to find the movie you just can't remember, but heard that great line in.

Obviously, Jeff had not blogged about the topic with the intent of giving Steven any PR! It just worked out that way, in this transparent web atmosphere.

For more about online social networking, and how to put it to work for you, you might want to check out Scott Allen. I was on a recent conference call with Scott about social networking, and boy did he open up my eyes about how big this concept is!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Massive PR!

Jeff Jarvis, creator of Entertainment Weekly, Sunday editor of the NY Daily News, and former tv critic for TV Guide and People just made my day.

He dumped some massive PR on one of my clients this afternoon.

A few hours before our scheduled consultation today, I got the following IM from Steven Knoerr, President of Chicago Captioning Corporation .

"David, we just got about 8 inches of free PR. Check it out."

This happy circumstance illustrates one of my Keys:

1. Position yourself as the expert on a main solution your business provides the market.

By taking the initiative to give a free service to a person who is a market influencer, Steven positioned himself to become a major source of information about a sweeping new trend. As a leader on the bleeding edge of a new trend, he becomes an "expert" in the minds of people who follow that trend.

When they are ready to make a move on that trend, whom do
you think they'll ask for advice?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

On driving traffic to your blog...

By the way, if you don't already have one of these:

How to Make More Business Income with Less Time and Effort're missing out on an excellent way to drive traffic to your own blog.

You can get one for yourself here.

Wisdom from DaVinci's Notebooks

Innovation requires expanding your mind to include even that which does not yet exist, Posted by Hello

Closing On 20% More Sales: A Case Study

How to Make More Money with Less Time and Effort

by David Krock, President, Krock Business Development
Copyright (C) 2005 All Rights Reserved.

Looks like the Sales Accelerator system we put into place at Competitive Lawn Service is doing its job, so the owner doesn't have to.

Background note: Competitive Lawn Service originally came to me in February of 2003 for help in designing a system for hiring new and seasonal employees. Our solution involved a basic qualification and interviewing process, combined with Day 1 training that allowed each employee to reach top-level performance and better serve the company mission.

This January (2005) we were again contacted to help increase profitability and sales closing rates.

Some of the core problems:
  • Estimates weren't being completed because of lost information, resulting in lost sales to competitors.
  • The volume of estimate requests was so high, sales reps had little time to follow up with prospects, resulting in more lost sales to outside forces.
  • Key sales data was not captured, crippling management decision-making ability.

Following some basic exploratory research, we crafted a system to aleviate each concern, as well as some hidden sales obstacles.

The recipe:

  • Business process documentation and redesign to target areas for improvement and innovation.
  • A custom database designed to capture, analyze, and act upon prospect, sales, and marketing data.
  • Actionable coaching to empower daily employees to become more efficient and engaged in the business' objectives.
  • Copywriting and design of several direct mail and promotional marketing pieces that significantly increase prospect inquiries and purchases.

As of today, we're 2 weeks into the implementation phase of the project. I'll post results as they happen. So far the feedback from Competitive Lawn is good:

"I just like working with Dave. He is so energetic and packed full of ideas to make our company more efficient, effective and profitable. The Estimate Systm he put in place is working like a charm, and now we're so much more organized and on top of the sales and marketing programs."

Sarah Sallee, Office Manager, Competitive Lawn Service, Inc.